All of our stud dogs have health clearances including OFA, eyes cerf'd, EIC, and CNM.    

Marietta's Diesel Powered Supertanker MH 

Tank is the reason we started Blackhawk Ridge Retrievers.  Tank showed a ton of promise from a very early age.  At that point Sean decided to pursue AKC hunt tests with Tank.  At six months of age, he went to Arrowhead Kennels to work with Todd Sterrett.  He worked his way through basics and earned three Junior Hunter passes that first summer.  The following Spring he returned to work with Todd and had a great summer.  He finished out his last Junior pass to earn his Junior Hunter title, earned 4 out of 5 Senior passes to earn his Senior Hunter title, and earned his first Master pass.  He did this all in a span of a little over three months.  The following summer Tank finished out his remaining Master Passes with Todd to earn his Master Hunter Title at about 30 months old.  


Tank is my personal hunting dog.  He has hunted ducks, geese, and pheasants in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.   He is very quiet in the blind and has a very strong point in the upland.  Tank's sire is 3X GMPR Ford's Full Bore Diesel. 


Tank is a very good marker and runs very good blinds.  He will run for anyone and is a joy to hunt over.  Please call or email for any further questions on Tank, or to stop by and see him run. 


OFA HIps: Good

Eyes: Cerf'ed Normal

EIC: Clear

CNM: Clear



STUD FEE - $500.00

     *Frozen Semen available


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